The Huntington Library has a rich collection of dealer and auction catalogs, representing major dealers and auction houses and their sales of manuscript, print, and visual culture. At this time, many catalogs are not discoverable at the title level in the Huntington Library Catalog.

Early catalogs have generally been cataloged for Rare Books and you can try searching the Huntington Library Catalog by author, title, or keyword. If you find a title level record, you can page the material to the Ahmanson Reading Room using Aeon.

In some cases, catalogs have been cataloged for the General Collection and you can page the material yourself after you locate the title level record.

The majority of the library's catalogs from the 20th and 21st century are not yet cataloged at the title level and are stored in a closed stack area. 

If you do not find a title level entry for the catalog(s) you are interested in, here are some search tips:

Search the Form/Genre index in the Huntington Library Catalog for: Auction Catalogs

Search the Title index in the Huntington Library Catalog for: Catalogs (insert name of dealer or auction house)

If you are interested in a particular catalog and you do not see it listed in the Huntington Library Catalog, please contact us.