Brief historical and biographical information about The Huntington and Henry Edwards Huntington is on our website. 

Library staff have assembled the following bibliography on Henry Huntington and the library's collections: 

Please note that the library is not a genealogical repository for the Huntington family. The best source of genealogy for the family is the Huntington Family Association in Burbank, Illinois. Please visit the Association's Facebook page for more information. 

There are extensive genealogies, two of which are available online, that may be helpful to your research: 

  • The Huntington family in America: a genealogical memoir of the known descendants of Simon Huntington from 1633 to 1915, including those who have retained the family name, and many bearing other surnamesHartford, Conn.: Huntington family association, 1915. 
    This book is available online through the Internet Archive. 
  • The Huntington family in America: a supplement to the genealogical memoir published in 1915 and including those known descendants whose records have been obtainable since that time. Norwich, CT: Huntington Family Association, 1962.
    This 1962 supplement is available online through the HathiTrust Digital Library. 
  • The Huntington family in America: third supplement to the genealogical memoir of 1915. Burbank, IL: Huntington Family Association, 2013. 
    This book is available for purchase through Amazon.